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Programmable transmitter T1239

Programmable transmitter T1239 Programmable transmitter T1239


The signal conditioner is fully programmable - both input type (voltage or current) and input range falling into ±11V, ±22mA may be redefined at any time. User-friendly configuration software runs under Windows - all that is needed is an interface cable (T1201, T1205 or T1206) connected between PC's RS232 serial port and programming port of the transmitter. Separate power supply is not required. The input is constantly monitored during programming and the user has additionally an option of adjusting transmitter's zero and gain (within ±2%) if necessary. Output current may be set independently from input for testing purposes. Non-linear input/output characteristics may be defined with a table prepared under any text editor or approximated with power series.

Externally, the T1239 does not differ from a conventional analog transmitter, but, apart from configuration possibilities, it offers some additional advantages in signal filtering and accuracy. For example, a 'spurious noise' filter allows to remove from signal non-symmetric spikes of large amplitude, which would otherwise distort the output even if long averaging times were used. The averaging signal filter, in turn, has an 'intelligent' option of quick adaptation to faster signal changes while preserving long integration time constant for slowly changing signal.

To obtain additional, galvanically separated 4÷20mA output, one may connect T1220 module to the configuration port of T1239.

T1200 series transmitters need an adapter for connection with a PC. To connect to RS232 port one needs T1201 adapter, and for USB port connection either T1205 or T1206 should be used. Configuration code, working under Windows and named "Programator", is available for download at Accessories & programs page where the adapters are presented as well.

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