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We have been designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad line of industrial automation modules for over three decades. Our products find use in a range of industries, from heat and electrical power production and distribution to food processing, even in quality control of automotive parts. CCIBA produces signal separators, temperature, voltage, and current transmitters, optical couplers and setpoint relays, voltage regulators and power supplies, as well as many custom modules.

Our company’s mission is delivering products of lowest failure rate, high precision and stability. Internal procedures ensuring that technical parameters always stay within precisely specified limits were being applied from the very beginning. Good relations with our clients, our strive to fulfill their needs has helped us to gain their confidence resulting in significant part of sales being due to customer specified designs.

Following the technological development, we keep designing new, more universal versions of automation modules. Even products that, due to nonvanishing demand remain in offer for long time, are being upgraded every few years staying the same only outside. The five year warranty period for our products reflects more the speed of technological changes than real life-cycle. Although failure rate of our products is exceptionally low, occasionally even the protection measures of our designs cannot withstand the conditions our more inventive customers decide to put our products in. As we avoid pointing that out to our customers, we'd be rather embarrassed not being able to replace even single broken part with identical one in 20-years time if we'd guaranteed that long exchange.

Staying that long on market we have won trust and became supplier for many companies - some of them known worldwide, like ABB, WAGO or Delphi - but we value every customer, every order is treated with the same utmost care, and every product is manufactured following the same strict procedures.

CCIBA Sp.j.     J.Wnuk
Tarnopolska 10, 54-616 Wroclaw, Poland
Registry No 006037493, VAT PL8940049874
D-U-N-S®: 422205839
tel./fax (+48 71) 795 40 80 (81)
e-mail: office@ciba.pl

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